How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

The following methods are very effective for cleansing crystals but care should be taken when cleansing delicate crystals as the can be damaged.

Amethyst, Selenite, Kyanite, Sulphur, Citrine, Diamond, Fulgurite and Herkimer Diamonds are natural cleansers and do not require cleansing. Amethyst Cluster Beds are very effective in cleansing other crystals and also crystal jewellery etc. Just leave them on the cluster for 24 hours.

Some crystals will damage in water and so should be cleansed by another means. The types of crystals not to be cleansed with water are:  Halite, Rock Salt, Sulphur, Selenite, Adamite, Vanadalite, Vanadite, Azurite, Fibrous Malachite, Desert roses, Fulgurite, Wavellite.


Sun & Water

Hold crystals under running water and dry them in the sun. Please ensure that you do not use water soluble crystals.


Moon & Water

Leave a bowl of water in the light of a full moon overnight and use this water to cleanse the crystals in. Please ensure you do not use water soluble crystals.



Hold crystal within the smoke of a smudge stick or an incense stick until you feel the crystal has cleansed.



A singing bowl, gong or tuning fork can be used with the crystals, the vibration of the sound will cleanse the crystals.



Take a deep breath and blow out over the crystals whilst imaging the negative energy being blown away. Repeat until you feel the crystal has been cleansed.


Sea Salt

Use dry sea salt and bury the crystals for 2 hours in a small container. Do not use salt water as this will damage the soft crystals.



Place crystals on a large crystal cluster for 24 hours and the cluster will cleanse them naturally.

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