EFT Training

Level 1 – EFT For Self Help and Awareness

Level 1 EFT course is for anyone whether or not you have experience of EFT. This course will help beginners understand the background, history, and theories behind EFT tapping regardless of whether it is purely for personal use or if you are interested in becoming an EFT Practitioner. This course will give you the basic knowledge from which you can go on to become a qualified practitioner or just use the EFT to help yourself in your day to day life. 

Being able to use Tapping in your everyday life can help bring confidence that you can help yourself manage the daily stresses of life.

What you will learn:-

The Background and History of EFT.

How to Use EFT Tapping

The importance of using the correct language.

Additional Tapping Points and Strategies.

Practice Sessions

Tapping for Specific Problems

Hoe to use EFT for Self-care and Emotional  Peace

Level 1 Manual Provided

This is a Certificated Course 

Course Fee: £75.00

Level 2 - EFT Practitioner Level

Level 2 Practitioner training is open to anyone who has completed the Level 1 EFT course.  In this Practitioner training  you will learn many EFT techniques that will allow you to be able to help your clients clear fear, phobias,  and limiting beliefs that can hold them back from fulfilling their personal potential in all areas of their lives.

The EFT Practitioner Training will cover the following:

The Development of EFT

Variations of EFT

Using EFT skilfully

Clarifying the problem to be treated

Ensuring the client understands the process

Identifying the tapping points and how to use them

The significance of language

Language to use with your client

Increasing practitioner awareness of Emotions and the effect they have on the brain.

Working with physical problems

Working with food, alcohol and addictions, clearing urges, cravings and habits

Working with bullying problems, exam stress and anxieties with children and teenagers

Your EFT Practice

Structuring the session(s) and time

Attracting clients

Running introductory workshops

Post-course support

Formal supervision also available in person or via Skype

Further training workshops and masterclasses provided

Course Fee

Course Fee: £300

Comprehensive course manual. 

Free post-course advice and support.

Practitioner Certificate


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