What Is EFT and How Does It Work

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and other similar technique’s have their roots in Chinese Acupuncture and other oriental treatments. They can be traced back  through the ages to 5000 BC.

EFT is a meridian energy therapy and, just like acupuncture, works directly on the meridian system in the body. However, instead of inserting needles, the major meridian points are stimulated by a series of tapping movements on them.

One way of understanding how the meridian energies work within our bodies, is to look at them as if they were running rivers of energy, and negativity blocking these meridians as logs would block a river causing problems. By releasing the blockages the river will run freely again.  When the energy body is well we feel happy emotions, joy, gladness and ‘on top of the world’ but when the energy body is unwell we feel unhappy emotions such as depression, pain, fears, anxiety or phobias etc.

Emotional stress is the most common factor behind all manner of illnesses, problems and pain and using EFT we can successfully reduce or clear symptoms and bring relief to a problem that has an emotional component. It can be used for many problems from a simple fear that is stopping you live the life you wish to a serious problem of PTSD. EFT is used to great effect in the recovery of military personnel when they return from duty, especially in the US.

EFT is a true mind/body healing technique. It combines the physical effects of the meridian treatments with the mental effects of focusing the mind on firstly the negative thoughts we are holding on to and replacing them with positive thoughts that release the pain, phobia, limiting beliefs that have been stopping your full potential being reached.


  • Usually works very quickly and with long lasting relief from symptoms
  • We work together enabling better understanding of what is happening
  • Once learnt can be used as a self-help tool in many cases without any expensive equipment
  • The very least EFT will do for you is to relax you, making you feel more positive about how you feel
  • Can put you back in control of your problems

Once shown how, Simple EFT, can be used as a very effective self-help tool to get us through the fear of 60 seconds, public speaking, interviews, difficult meetings, exams, in fact anything that you are worried about doing.

Simple EFT, once learnt can be used by anyone to help get through any of these events, in fact it will help with any event of this nature, it takes a couple of minutes to do and can be done anywhere with no other tools other than your hands. Short EFT session will help calm you down and allow you to give your demonstration or talk. 

If you would like to learn how to use EFT for Self-Help or learn to become an EFT Practitioner please click this link for further information


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