How To Choose A Crystal

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There are many ways to choose Crystals they can be chosen by sight, by feel, being drawn to one or by asking your guides or angels to guide you to it.

It doesn’t matter which way you choose the crystal it will be the right one for you. I often  feel a crystal before I choose it but at times I use the other methods, it just depends on how I am feeling at the time.

Crystals Chosen by Sight

The first way to choose a crystal is by sight, that is when we find a particular crystal extremely pretty or attractive and we know just the place for it perhaps a particular shelf or corner of the room.

Crystals chosen by sight are usually Soul Crystals and would be triggered by a memory within your subconscious and will be chosen for one of the following four reasons

  1. It may awaken a memory that is supportive and strengthening and a beneficial effect would soon be felt. Images and dreams may occur in which revelations, realisations or creative ideas may be seen.
  2. The Crystal may give you the trust in your abilities and qualities that have been hidden beneath the surface. These abilities should be followed especially if you had used these in the past.
  3. The Crystal may react to unpleasant memories and this will be felt quite quickly. If the reactions are accepted and not blocked it may help dissolve a particular stored memory especially if it is false. It is a good idea to remember that we are only ever given challenges that we are able to handle.
  4. The Crystal may be a reminder of a beneficial experience, a holiday or happy event that has happened or you want to happen. It is a good idea to allow your soul to experience new things and the Crystal will show you the right direction

It is good to meditate on this Crystal and let the reasons become clear, just looking at the Crystal will have a beneficial effect.


 Crystals Chosen by Feel

 Crystals that are chosen by feel with your hands are good for working with your body. “We will always look for something ‘outside’ that is missing ‘inside’ “

When you close your eyes and use the sense of feel you will pick up exactly the right stone to help give your body the information it needs.

The information radiated by the stone will already have begun to work for your body as it knows that the crystals can be trusted.

The Crystals chosen will show the following possibilities:

  1. The Crystal will encourage your body to heal itself although it may feel initially as if the symptoms were getting worse they will eventually improve once the Crystal has had time to work.
  2. The Crystal will help improve the capabilities of your body. Depending on what is involved this will occur by an improvement in your ability to perceive or by extending the scope of your actions. Your body will be able to achieve more than you thought possible and this attitude will support the Crystal most effectively.

Crystals Chosen by Spoken Word

Crystals that are chosen by the spoken or written word are good to work with the intellect and it can be very effective wearing these crystals close to your skin or to meditate by holding them.

The Crystals chosen by this method will show the following possibilities.

  1. The Crystal can serve to increase your level of consciousness and focus on present matters. The type of Crystal will show what you need to pay particular attention too. It will help you control your life and your body more consciously and certain habits or behaviours are able to be changed at this time.
  2. The Crystal will reflect the way you think and communicate and once again the type of Crystal chosen will help you turn your ideas into reality but will initially confront you with reality.
  3. The Crystal can represent a current problem and help develop a creative solution. Depending on the Crystal chosen logical conclusions, ideas or sudden impulses may occur. I may also show you which project or course of action to embark on consciously.


Crystals Chosen by Being Drawn to it

If you are drawn by the crystal it is very good to use when working with spirit or your higher self. Once again meditation is a good use of this crystal as is using it for psychic work, opening chakras etc.

A Crystal that you are drawn to may reveal one of the following options:

  1. It may represent a postulate, a decision made the result of which you will experience now or in the future. You can use the Crystal to dissolve this postulate and then look forward to success. If you keep the message of the Crystal in your mind you will determine your own life.
  2. The Crystal will help improve your perception and will make you conscious of your spiritual capabilities. Dependant on the Crystal chosen certain characteristics will be shown. You will experience ever more clearly who you are.
  3. The Crystal will show you what game you are playing or what game you want to be playing. Depending where you stand now, your stone will make it clear how you begin your game and how you can carry it on to a successful conclusion.
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